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Cat licking a Meowee starry spinner


Treat & Toy

Cat licking a Meowee spoonables treat

Triple Flavor

Squeezable Wet Treats

Cat licking a Meowee kabob treat

Long Lasting

Playtime Treat

A Purrrrfectly Enticing Treat

Who says you can’t play with your food? Enticing Meowee! cat treats are uniquely designed to bring out the playful side of your cat with yummy flavors and interactive shapes–and that means more bonding time for you and your favorite feline!

Treats You Both Can Love

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Premium flavor combinations
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No colors or flavors from artificial sources

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Triple Flavor Kabobs

Triple Flavor Kabobs

Long-Lasting Playtime Treat
Triple Flavor Kabobs

Savory Spoonables

Squeezable, Lickable Wet Treat
Triple Flavor Kabobs

Starry Spinners

2-in-1 Treat & Toy